My first trip to New York

The first time I went to New York with his parents in 1969 at the age of seven. it was fun! I have many pleasant memories of my visit, including Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. Since then I have returned to the Great Apple a dozen or […]

JFK airport transportation

John F. Kennedy International Airport, or commonly known as JFK Airport, opened its gates to the public in 1948. He used to be called the airport in New York, and later became a popular ex-president of the United States. Today it is considered one of the busiest airports in the world. Nearly 30 million people […]

Visiting Yonkers, NY

Yonkers – a city that is located in close proximity to the Big Apple, so he closed the New York and underestimates the visitors. Nevertheless, there are plenty of leisure options for the traveler who decides to visit the city. Yonkers boasts interesting museums, squares and gardens, and offers a variety of options for dining, […]

Gate of Central Park in New York City

Central Park – the same vista of Manhattan and New York, as well as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. Walk Paradise Central Park after staying in glass and steel jungle means breath of fresh air. February 12, 2005 This walk was even more lush and enthusiastically approached the 7500 "gate" height […]

5 fun things that can be done in Monroe New York

Monroe New York – a colorful village and city in Orange County, New York. Initially, the settlement city in 1799, and later renamed the Monroe after President James Monroe in 1818, Monroe is located about one hour from New York City. The community is still in demand today because of the numerous lakes and the […]

Top Hotels in New York

Looking to visit New York and get rid of all the stresses of everyday life, throwing the way than to look beyond our best hotels in New York City! Try luxury and delve into the culture, which the famous New York City, and enjoy all it has to offer New York. We promise that your […]

10 tips for a hotel in New York

Before heading out on a tour of New York, read about the hotel, which will make your holiday unforgettable. Library in Midtown Manhattan The hotel has a library More & # 39; literati & # 39; what & # 39; glitterati & # 39; : More private club than a hotel. Each of the ten […]

New York is home to the luxury

New York – a place where you can be pampered in decadence. Luxury hotels in New York-style offer the finest amenities that keep the breathtaking view of the city and is located in the center of town to the biggest attractions on the ground. New York may be small, but powerful Manhattan when it comes […]

If traveling to the Mayan ruins

John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Ketryvud In the dark night in October 1839 a wealthy lawyer from New York, and the architect of England embarked on an adventure that they could not imagine. Lawyer John Lloyd Stephens made his wealth as a writer, profited from a trip to Europe on "health reasons." He acquired a […]