Attractions New York City

New York – one of the the greatest tourist destinations in the world; City, rich in history and culture, which can boast some of the greatest architectural landmarks in the world, do not have enough things to see and see while visiting the Big Apple.

In fact, if you plan to visit, you should plan your route carefully enough, as the likelihood that you will be able to fit in a visit to each of the great attractions of New York City is small.
While legendary attractions Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square, of course, required that for New York Travel more. There are works in the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the spectacular architecture covered Brooklyn Bridge and buildings Flatyrona and Chrysler, and, of course, fantastic shopping points !
So much to do and see that many visitors have decided to make a trip to New York or two during your stay. there are many tours in New York City are available, so the tours on which you choose depends entirely on your preferences.

Sightseeing tour of New York

View from bird eye

If you are looking for something different when it comes to tours of New York City, flight of the Big Apple with & # 39 is optional. Viewing of this amazing city from a helicopter is really amazing because it gives you a perspective that you do not get from land tours in New York City. Various air tours of New York, who Var & # 39; iruyutstsa of comprehensive sightseeing tours of New York City tours to the Statue of Liberty and the romantic flight over Manhattan.

city ​​cruises

Cruise tours in New York City gives travelers the opportunity to capture the distant sights and sounds of the Big Apple. In New York, use various types of cruise tours; there are day cruises on the harbor of Manhattan, glamorous dinner and dance cruises , A tour of the Statue of Liberty and cruises where you look brilliant holiday lights . Cruises – a great option that you want to remember, considering that a tour of the New York book while relaxing in the Big Apple.

Shop for loss

New York and buying – is synonymous – there is no better way to visit the most eclectic shopping area, than the shopping trip to New York. visit garment District ; Eye on the ball magnificent windows Madison Avenue, see the shine Saks Fifth Avenue or buy trinkets in the street vendors on Canal Street. Sightseeing tour of this species in New York will give you a great introduction to luxury purchases in New York.

Step by step

Walking tours in New York City are very popular, you will be able to experience the many attractions that are not even visible from the bus tourist routes. Guide to New York City will show you a place where there were historical events, will share stories of generations that have come before you and expose you to some of the city hidden gems . Tour of the luxury "Chocolate Walking" – this is an absolute must for chocolate lovers who visit New York. Chocolate treats from the outdoor cafes and bistros of the Upper East Side to leave you a new appreciation for this heavenly delight.

Beautiful bus routes

One of the most popular proposals relating to tours in New York City, bus tours allow visitors to experience a lot, since they cover more ground than the walking tours. There are several types of bus tours in New York and your chosen tour depends on your main interests. There are tours that focus exclusively on major attractions, historical tours, film and television tours and tours that expose a little of all travelers.
One of the most popular bus tours in New York City Tour "Sex in the City" which represents 40 seats from the hit television series. Sit on a flat Kerry visit a series of & # 39; Local bar and pass the shoe store where Carrie blew most of the salary checks.

No matter what tour you choose, you will delight views, attractions and sights and sounds, unique to New York .