Tips for traveling to New York

This section will help you to enter into the culture of New York. Nobody wants to look like a tourist, because tourists are annoying and interfere. You can always notice him, camera in hand, in running shoes to avoid a & # 39; blisters after a long view, and dine in the restaurants franshyznyh fear to try more local cuisine and unfamiliar.

Our list is here to help you, give you an authentic experience of NYC, and will save you from the clutches frustrate traders.

Leave their home directories

It sounds strange and stupid, huh? Well, just a little. Firstly, everyone hates those people who are in the middle of the side walks, dropping into a map or in a directory, not paying attention to pedestrians who want to pass by. Do not be one of those people. Even other people are annoyed by these people, and more than likely, you will be verbally mock.

Read the manuals before you leave home, at breakfast or before bed earlier at night. Know where you're going before you leave on a busy sidewalk! If you need to double-check, stretch to the side, so you do not interfere with, or even better – pull books and maps on the reverse of coffee, so you can focus more.

Secondly, from the comfort of directories, your bags / backpacks will be much easier and less likely to hurt your back then! If you need to rip the card or to make notes, which can be accessed. If you can not part with the guides, buy less serious, smaller publications, such as "Best of New York" by Lonely Planet.

Do not settlement

It has a lot of positive results. These New Yorkers know where they are going and how to do it. If you do not want to look like a tourist, be confident and walk with authority. New York moves to a mile a minute, and its people are also waiting for you! Once you're bearing, go there fast. You will not only save valuable time and you will see more, but you will not push, do not push off, or even swear when people pass you. The biggest positive in this – that you will burn tons of calories if you walk quickly, which means you can eat more hot dogs.

Avoid tourist attire

You might be tempted when you are back in a new city to dress for comfort rather than style. That's fair enough, because you – the one who has to put up with irritating clothing or bad legs at the end of a long day. But keep in mind that New York – the world capital of fashion, and there are places where sneakers just won.

Discard shoes and try comfortable walking shoes, instead, there are heaps of fun and beautiful styles that can not be won if you feel hollow. Sportswear – a popular option for tourists, but try to mix styles and designs, wearing a sweater instead of a jacket or pants instead of jeans. Not only will you feel more comfortable, if you stop for a nice lunch or dinner, but also shopping in upscale areas will become less unpleasant, and you get less rigid views.

Starbucks – d & # 39; yabal

Yes, there will always be Starbucks and McDonalds, but really need to go there? You can go to those places home if you want. Try to eat and drink where the locals involved, ask – or know a local newsagent or the driver's cab. Effective option will be your hotel or the receiver of calls, if you find it. Try the hot dogs that are sold from vendors sidewalks, hot krevelyav and cafes no brand, you probably will find the best quality there is, in any case, not to mention saving money!

Get used to the smell

In New York, there is garbage. Not just a little, loads and loads. It lines the streets of central Manhattan, despite the fact that they are cleaned every day. Zvyknitsesya with bad smells and strange stench short when going through a dark alley. While the smell of rot in the winter a little more subdued, it still will not go away, so do not let it spoil your sighting entry.

Have eyes at the back

If you do not know where you're going, and probably will not find yourself in the atmosphere of it all. Crime in New York is common as all TV shows tell us, but you still have to be reasonable in what you are doing and how to do it. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, do not leave things sitting around, you could put a sign that says, I do not know where I am, so do not hesitate to rob me & # 39 ;. You can not walk with unpacked bags and not to wash the money. Yes, yes, all you mother says when you go without …

Put more expensive things in the field of view as much as possible. The digital camera on the neck begging to escape in the middle of peak hours of Times Square. Miss it only when you need along with phones, PDAs, laptops and svezhaprygozhanymi sweets. At home, do not go to a compulsory jog in Central Park alone or after nightfall (even with a running friend).

Keep an eye to the people around you and where you are going. Dark alley with a dead-end – there is no good place to party! Quite a lecture, you should know the basic rules already.