What's new in travel?

In accordance with our mantra of learning, we would like to finish the year and to help transfer new year with new in the world of travel. To begin, you know that Four Seasons is now being built as a new property to DisneyWorld?

While still in the theme of Disney at Disneyland with a & # 39 own Harry Potter (the world) will appear. And now a new property on Oahu Disney, Aulani, is now open for guests. We had the honor to review the site during our most recent trip – check out our page on Facebook, Contrino Travel.

NCL & # 39; s Breakaway comes to New York in 2013! And the book until early, as the cabin will soon be vyhopleny.

Tours accompanied not only for Grandma and greympsa! Seven more & # 39; and generation make rest a priority together to create timeless memories. And instead of trying to do something where the Christmas dinner, more and more of the seven & # 39; ads prefer to go on holidays. This makes it not only more enjoyable pleasures (everyone can do what he wants, and meet for a meal), but also creates memories that can not be bought (well, technically).

While not new to the travel industry, Club Med has undergone major repairs @ Sandpiper property. This all-inclusive property is located here in the United States (Florida).

Great American steamer offers a wider product (than your average cruise). The cruise fare includes shore excursions in each city where specialized food for free!

New Riviera Maya, only adult, all-inclusive, Paradisus Riviera Maya. This luxury resort offers many amenities. If you are familiar with this destination, you will notice that the properties for adults only increase. This is due to the many beautiful beaches that it has to offer, not to mention the food, which is significantly superior to other areas where the concentration is on. The service also not the second!

Rem cruises also seen its share of new vessels. The proprietary cruise is different from your basic cruises (eg, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean) – these sleek vessels are designed for easy passage through the calmer waters of the river, which they pass. Instead of docking in the ports, which are close to the real towns (such as docking in Civitavecchia, which is 40-50 minutes away from Rome), river ships joined in the city center. More than the norm of & # 39 is a tour with a guided tour, which is included in some of the ports. In addition, the wine included in the meals, entertainment and cuisine from & # 39 is a natural port, where you prychalitsesya. Another obvious difference is that there is a casino and entertainment, similar to Broadway on the main transport. If you want to re-gambling, forgedaboudit (talk like real Bruklinity), as river cruises do not offer casino.

Thus, you now have. Several new options for future travel plans!