Places to visit in New York

New York – is a lively and bustling town, which each year attracts thousands of tourists who visit its huge buildings, fantastic museums, quality restaurants and world class shopping. New York – a place where you can find various multicultural and diverse populations also it Var & # 39; iruetstsa from desperately poor to the height of excess. This variety and diversity provides interesting and lively atmosphere and bring their own unique flavor in each district.

New York boasts more for its bizarre attractions than anywhere else in the United States, and in New York there is a charm to make people feel as if they know the city before they were even there. In my article I mention the most popular places to visit and things you can do in New York, so that visitors can easily learn about the most important places. Thus, if you are in the United States you are planning your next visit to New York, then make a visit to us and book cheap flights. So buy cheap flights to and now will save more money.

Statue of Liberty: a great gift that is given to residents of France, is what is in the New York. The best place to start exploring New York – is a visit to the Statue of Liberty. This is one of the most prestigious and well-known monuments in the world. For visitors who climb the 354 steps to reach the statue crown, remains unforgettable life time, and it is completely different from a postcard or photograph of the statue. The Statue of Liberty is located in New York Harbor with standing on 12-Akravim Freedom Park. For a panoramic view of the city need to be sure to visit the observation deck. And to cherish the amazing engineering structure, you can tour around the national monument. Viewing this beautiful statue – one of the touching experiences for visitors.

Central Park: To provide a much-needed open area for fast razrastayuchagasya population of Manhattan is 843 square miles was developed in the mid 19th century. At the heart of the concrete jungle the construction of Central Park was a peaceful haven amongst New Yorkers. The park contains 58 miles of pavements and is surrounded by miles of march. You can send an evening stroll in the park, Central Park – the main place of attraction for tourists and residents, because for all ages, the park has something to offer, in addition to walking and jogging you will also come across maryyanetay theater carousel, restaurants, the zoo and observatory. In November and March, you can see the famous ice rinks. you can rent a boat from Loeb boats on the lake Central Park for an extra treat.

Gallery "Chelsea" "Chelsea" became the capital of Art in New York in the nineties, when a huge number of galleries moved into the area. Gallery "Chelsea" is now an important stop for those interested in fresh modern art scene of the city.

Visitors with a love for museum will find New York as the sky, as the New York offers a variety of modern world-class museums. Museum lovers will consider the Museum of Modern Art as one of the most beautiful museums, which are more than 100,000 sculptures, paintings, photographs and engravings. P & # 39; play Picasso, van Gogh and Claude Monet Water Lilies usually attract visitors. about 30 million artifacts stored in the museum. The Natural History Museum also impressive three halls for dinosaur.

Sunset at Riverside Park to the south: on Riverside Boulevard, Riverside Park, to the south, there is a new 600-foot pier. You can bring your camera to save the view of the Hudson; people find this place very romantic, spectacular and soft. People from all parts of the city gather here to enjoy the spectacular views to the west. You can find an open air restaurant, barbecue, bar and good music, which combines perfectly with the atmosphere.

Astroland Amusement Park: Situated at Coney Island offers a variety of adventure games and wonderful rides. Roller coaster at the cyclone will bring thrills and chills for both children and adults. The park has arcade game room where you can play a variety of video games.

Even despite the fact that New York can be very different, but it is quite clear that in New York there are plenty of attractions to suit all tastes, and this is without mentioning the stadium, "New York Yankees", Chinatown, The Cathedral St. Patrick, New York Aquarium and Radio City music hall. Being a big business city, you can still find many places to visit like the natives and tourists alike. You can meet a lot of great places to relax and refresh numerous parks, cars and skyscrapers, superb natural beauty.