My first trip to New York

The first time I went to New York with his parents in 1969 at the age of seven. it was fun! I have many pleasant memories of my visit, including Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. Since then I have returned to the Great Apple a dozen or so times.

My father came to New York from Cleveland in 1964 Vista Cruiser station wagon. I remember that he was riding pretty fast when we first saw the Manhattan skyline. I do not remember too much about our first day in the Big Apple, but I remember that we stayed with my great Aunt Millie and Uncle Fred.

I have fond memories of my first visit to the Empire State Building, then the tallest building in the world. I was amazed that it was 102 stories. My sister, who was six, commented that the cars and taxis below looked like little toys.

For me the highlight of the trip was to observe the two-game series on the air: the concentration in a single day and the risk of the next day. I loved watching these programs on TV as a child and seeing them live was the sky. Ed McMahon held concentration and Fleming art accepted risk.

Another thing I liked in New York, was visiting Times Square. I remember the old billboard with cartoons made by flashing lights. My love for numbers in my childhood I was even more carried away by the digital clock display at the cartoon, which is methyl every tenth of a second. I asked my father to go to the sign twice!