Book review – Eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is the most recent book for women in search of itself since it was written in 2006. With the adaptation of the film Julia Roberts, which was released in 2010, it has become even more popular.


Author of the book – the author Elizabeth Gilbert, the memory of an annual trip to Italy, India and Bali. The book was published in 2006 and remained on the list of best sellers of New York Times almost 4 years, and has published more than ten million copies.


Author of 32, when, after the divorce and restore relations it becomes clear that she does not spend time alone, so she became an adult and started dating. She decides to take a year to itself, where devotes his time traveling to find three things: pleasure, devotion and balance.

She starts to travel to Rome, where he studied the Italian language, immersed in Italian food and "Dolce far niente". Next, she goes to an ashram in India in order to devote his time to meditation and prayer. Its last segment – is the study of Bali, where she met the old doctor in the previous journey, who predicted her to lose all your money, divorce and return to Bali. On this last point it finds a balance between spirituality, devotion, pleasure and love in the form of Brazilian business owner.

Its long-term travel, fortunately aplodili advance through the book deal her publisher in New York, that made her a car & # 39; career-highly paid writer freelancers.

about the author

Elizabeth Gilbert – American author, born in 1969, wrote a few short stories, novels, biographies, memoirs and two working on a book as an author. She worked as a journalist in New York for several national magazines, including SPIN, GQ, the magazine New York Times, Allure, and Travel + Leisure.

film adaptation

Columbia Pictures has acquired the rights to the movie "Eat Pray Love" with Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert. The film was released in August 2010.

Personally, I think this is a really good adaptation, given the fact that it covers three countries and includes an endless experience and ideas, of which the producers had to choose. I think that Julia – a good choice to play Elizabeth, playing a real and honest woman on the way to find yourself is not always easy and fun to ride.


Both the film and the book are really nice. As might be expected, in the book there are many more details that the film can not capture, so I recommend that you first read the book.