Tourist guide to Lake George, Adyrondak


As blue diamond, which shimmers and shakes hands with invisible wind, Lake George, about 200 miles north of Manhattan, located in the bed of green crushed velvet, officially designated Adyrondak mountains. As a destination it can be considered value.

One of the eleven tourist regions of New York State, including Long Island, New York, Hudson Valley, the mountains Katkill, the Capital District, Central and leather shops, Thousand Islands, Finger Lakes, Grand Niagara and Chautau-Aleghen themselves Adyrondaki with & # 39 They are part of the Grand Cambrian shield. Composed of Precambrian igneous and metamorphic rocks, which was hard-nosed up about ten million years ago, when it was a hunting site American Iroquois and Algonkina.

In order to protect its wildlife and prevent the depletion of the forest, however, the state of New York has created six million acres Adyrondak Park 2.6 of which are federally owned and 3.4 of which are in private ownership in 1892, and two years later Adyrondak forest reserve was created – a constitutionally protected wilderness area permanently in order to "preserve the exceptional colorful, recreational and ecological value."

Measuring 975 square miles, today it is a refuge of huge silent forests, 46 strong, green-carpet-peaks, of which 5343-meter high Mount Marcy at the same time the highest in the park and throughout the state of New York – 3000 sparkling lakes and 30,000 miles of rapid rivers and streams. Contains the top of Hudson river, lake Shamplayn, Black River, St. Lawrence River and Mohak River, it offers numerous natural activities, from hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking and camping to mountain bikes, and attracts more than ten million annual visitors. It is the largest park reserve in the United States.

"In the mid-1800s were Adyrondaki nevykrytymi natural treasures," said the guide, "A visit to Lake George in New York Adyrondankah" (page 1). "Hidden top with mirrored surfaces on the & # 39; together with native rainbow trout tailed deer wandered along the banks of silent waterways towering mountains, zapasanyya bolts, kulminavanymi in the spectacular panorama of the wooded landscape below endless forests of sugar maple and American Buko stretch as far as… eyes have seen, drawing autumn hills and valleys papurkay deep oranges and fiery reds. Lake George was brilliant value in a treasure chest, it Adyrondaki ".

AZYARNAYA Velsk Velyka

Designating three names, Lake George was called "Andes-ta-ro-ter", the so-called Native Americans; advanced to the "Lac du Saint Sacrement", or "Lake of the Blessed Sacrament", the title assigned to the father of Isaac, jog, the first white chief, who saw it in 1646; and over this, "Lake George."

Despite the fact that the primeval nature of the region can claim to calm, his early history was marked by conflict, as evidenced by the three forts, including Gezh, George and William Henry, which once rose from the banks and were neodymium & # 39; emnay part of the French and Indian war.

The activities of the Revolutionary War and was made there. In May 1775 Ethan Allen and his 83 boys from Green Mountain Tykanderoga captured the fort, 32 miles to the north, do not miss a single bullet from their muskets, taking it from the British. Lake George served as a strategic waterway during the war for the next eight years.

In winter, one thousand seven hundred seventy-five of 1776 Lt. Col. Henry Knox carried the guns of the fort Bolton Tykanderoga using oxen for final use by George Washington in defense of the British in Boston.

The following year, the British General Burgoyne traveled to the south of Lake Shamplayn, and then through Lake George with its environment and supplies, culminating in Saratoga. The district also visited other historically significant figures in April 1776 by Benjamin Franklin and Philip Schuyler Bolton went through the water, moving to the north, to the military situation in Canada, and seven years later, General George Washington visited the head of the lake at the time of their own positions. -Revalyutsyynaya inspection. Thomas Jefferson to explore the area in 1791, in a letter to his daughter paused to express the quality of the first-born, when he wrote that the lake was "the most beautiful water I've ever seen."

Formed after about & # 39; unification of Queensbury, Bolton and Thurman August 2, 1810, the 32-mile Lake George – the smallest town of Warren County.

While for the beginning of the 1800s was characterized by lumber, as once said the spread of sawmills, its beauty combined with steamship lakes began to attract tourists and wealth, like a physical language, it was through an increase in the number of houses and estates rises from eastern shore.

By mid-century shops, schools, restaurants and court house are collected in a close-knit town and accessed via New York Thruway (I-87) was the final aspects of the infrastructure, which ensured the transformation destination for recreation, especially in summer months.

Today, Lake George Village with only one main artery called the "Canada Street" (route 9) and are available through the Thruway exits 21, 22 and 23, serves as a base for southern Lake George residents and tourists, as well as his service shop. , Ice cream, restaurants, banks, libraries and historical on & # 39; unification. For younger travelers there are arcade games, fun parks, haunted house and museum of Frankenstein Wax.


Accommodation in Lake George takes many forms – from the well-known, such as Best Western, Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, Hampton Inn, as well as a sizeable courtyard Marriott, to the long-configured properties constituting Motel Row in the north. Canada end of the street. Since it is divided into routes 9L and 9N, the last, as he hugs the lake continues to build cabins, cottages and complexes to a considerable distance, when he calls the way to Bolton.

Of particular importance is the Hotel and Conference Center Fort William Henry in the south basin of the lake. Historic staple of the area, whose roots were planted more than a century ago, and now, in the third form of the transfer, it was initially raised at the cliffs, which are left on the most southern portion of what was then the village of Caldwell. Its main, three-story structure, which lasted for 115 feet on both sides and stood 235 feet to the lake, two additional floors were added to the tower on both sides, which is almost double its capacity from 350 to 900 guests. Modernization of the century took place in a private bathroom.

Although the June 24, 1909 a fire consumed the property, he rose again from the ashes of two years, when the new owner of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad opened a smaller, but just as gorgeous on the & # 39; an object that contained 150 on three floors. Outwardly, he was wearing white stucco and red roofing roof.

1912 marked the first year, when it remained open throughout the winter and to this end engaged in skiing, skating and sledding. However, the Great Depression, not a conflagration, it was the second time the enemy, and the railroad has got rid of her.

Corporation "Fort William Henry", founded in 1952 to revive the property and build a replica of the original, as well as the change in tourist profile, deprived of its purpose until 1969, causing its deterioration, leaving, at least temporarily, Fort William Henry Moter Inn.

Yet history, as it has been repeatedly proven, often repeated and dynamics became a reality here. Having made the original trail in 1911 and include the numerous design features, it was constructed a new five-storey hotel complex, which attracts business with a large income, which opened July 18, 2004. Situated on 18 acres and offers luxurious accommodation in the main hotel, mid-level rooms at the Premium-East Wing and budget in a standard western, it offers many amenities: a fireplace and lounge, equipped with a lobby, a restaurant "White Lion" for breakfast, "Tankard" and "Cafe review and its proximity to attractive places such as Museum of Fort William Henry, battle Park, and Lake George company.


Due to the compact nature of the village and all its attractions, which are based on history, are within walking distance.

Center Lake George Visitors:

Located at the corner of Canada and the Coast road, the center for visitors to Lake George offers stocks of brochures and maps, and dioramas area. Staffed, it gives tourists the opportunity to talk to representatives to facilitate travel planning and provide recommendations.

Historical Association and Lake George Museum:

Located at the corner of Canada and Amherst streets in the village of Lake George Historical Association and Lake George Museum are located in three-story house Warren County Courthouse in 1845, and his first act was to preserve the conservation of the demolition of housing.

"Museum with a & # 39 is a popular attraction and is a means of discovering the rich historical past of this region," – he advises.

Of the many exhibits are located in the basement of the prison colony, leading the courthouse in 1845, a shipwreck and pictures earlier that fly on the lake steamer ships.

Museum of Fort William Henry:

Historically significant and symbolic from the & # 39 is red, created by the magazine Museum of Fort William Henry, which in its original form has played a role in the war in France and India. Conflict, the extension of the Seven Years War between France and England, was eventually transferred to the soil of North America.

The struggle for domination of the earth, the British built Fort Edward, considering "a great place carrying" and the third largest settlement after those in Philadelphia and New York, while the French put their own roots in the north of the river St. Lavrens in areas which would later become the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

However, when the spark ignition between the two sides have the opportunity to overcome the distance between them, and it happened, when the French began construction of Fort Karyona at the southern end of Lake Champlain, which will eventually become the state of New York. Physics principle "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" is perhaps more applicable, because the British have "responded" to the strengthening of its own – specifically Fort William Henry at the southern end has designed Lac du Saint Sacrament, so that they can defend their colony. As a point against the French fixing it additionally served protected inland waters between New York and Montreal.

The fort itself was ordered by Major General William Johnson and entrusted his chief engineer, Captain William Eyre, was designed in the style of Vaba – that is, a rectangular adjusted angular bastions and 30-foot Screens, which originally consisted of lumber and veneer. . Outwardly, he was surrounded by three dry moats and the fourth part, which is bent to the lake. Capacity was between 400 and 500.

Hrystsivshy "Fort William Henry", to honor the king's two grandchildren of King George II, he had to protect British interests in the south and serve as the starting point of the military against the French and their Indian allies in the north.

The siege of the enemy under General Marquis de Mankalma, which consisted of 3,000 French regulars, 3,000 volunteers and 2,000 Indian Americans, took place August 3, 1757, when they were gradually intensified line began to press the fort. Underground Colonel George Monro, his commander, sent the chickens & # 39; erav in Fort Edward with a request for enhancement, but Major-General Daniel Webb considered too dangerous for the route of his soldiers, and "kept them at home."

Sequential plugging milk artillery depletion and predictable structural damage forced Monroe appear in six days, but the articles of surrender, these conditions of surrender Mankalma were both humane and generous: British troops were allowed to keep all of their belongings and weapons, without weapons; garrison could leave one gun; and they agreed that the attack on the French will be suspended for 18-month break. The next day, the French regulars marched on the British at Fort Edward.

But the fate of "the enemy" irony were largely silent, incompetent other Indians who have not received anything from their participation and, therefore, took matters into his own hands.

Anger, manifesting itself through the fire, and skalpavanne padushynne wounded and sick who are left behind, culminated guns, clothing and equipment, and marching column of Fort Edward was attacked maraduyuchymi Indians. Because of the language and customs bar & # 39; erav between Montcalm and his local allies, he was unable to prevent or respond to their efforts properly.

Nevertheless, he ordered the burning of Fort William Henry on August 11.

Replica, based on the original British plan, it was built in 1955, or through the 198 years after the actual fortification was destroyed by fire. Today, visitors can look into the more rigid British life in the area through the barracks and the ramparts, dungeons, hospital emergency room, protective room, another, Monroe room, food and exhibits borderland of the 18th century, magazines with couples and tailoring shop. Military crypt, 18-pound cannon recovered from the lake, and the original well in 1756 are in the yard.

"Listen to the report on the shooting of muskets and the roar of guns, if you step back in time to 1757 at Fort William Henry", is declared a museum. "Listen to the stories and see the artifacts of everyday life of the British outpost in the wilderness, protecting the colonies during the French and Indian War."

Through the castle and in front of the lake is a wooden sculpture of natural size, made by master wood Paul Stark with Lt. Col. Robert Rogers in the canoe, illuminating the history of the area.

Battle Park:

Located at the southern end of Lake George, Battle Park on 35 acres marks the region, where there were clashes between the Algonkin and Iroquois tribes and the American colonists and British soldiers. Apart from residues of Fort George, there are three large statues.

In the first, dedicated to the Indians of the region, the North American shows, he plunged his hand into a puddle of water. Second, King Hendrick, the chief of the Mahakam, demonstrates the dangers of dividing their forces with General William Johnson. And thirdly, the father of Isaac Zhogs is its attempt to spread Christianity in the Huron Indians during the 1630s and 1640s.

State railway station Delaware and Hudson:

Although it is located only a souvenir shop to Steamboat, Delaware Amtrak Station and the Hudson, opposite of "George Steamboat" and built in 1909-1911, in the Renaissance style, with stucco frame, an elongated brick tower and the top of terracotta. Symbolic role it once played in the area.

Transportation between New York and Montreal originally consisted of waterways; In this case, these waterways were composed of the Hudson River, Lake George and Lake Shamplayn – but more direct route, which resulted in a shorter traveling time, there has been a land-based practices, in particular of the train.

Although it has its origins in Saratoga, Fort Edward, railway line in the 1832 line, which was never justified, it was replaced by Saratoga and Washington railway company, which was formed 16 years later and was carrying passengers between Saratoga Springs and Whitehall . Goods are carried as of 1851.

After ownership changes, as a result of the railway company "Saratoga Whitehall" in 1855 and the Railways "Rennselaer-Saratoga" in 1856 the railway line Glens Falls opened in 1869 and has been extended up to Lake George in 1882, Helmut Kohl Delaware and Hudson took control, she made possible with intermodal connection with the courts of "George Steamboat" for further transportation to Tykanderogu.

Railway station, as her evidence today, has been included in the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

Laika jargeau

Lake George, which is considered the Queen of American Lakes, on the & # 39 is a brilliant center of the district.

Formed between 10 000 and 12 000 years ago, it is the length of 32 miles, the width of three miles, 200 feet, 320 feet above sea level, has 108 miles of shoreline, covers an area of ​​233 square miles, has 183 islands and is surrounded at 2665 feet Black mountain, its highest peak. Bolton landing outside, it is divided into the North-West Bay and NARP.

Three of interaction between the southern end of the British and French troops at the Battle of Lake George led to the first great victory of the former over the latter. Yet yesterday the blood of war turned into a beauty of today's topography.

"Lake George – incomparably beautiful water I've ever seen" – once wrote Thomas Jefferson. "Утвораны контурам гор у катлавіне даўжынёй 35 міль і ад двух да чатырох міль шырокім, мелкоперемещенным астравамі, яго вада ліхая, як крышталь, і схілы гор, пакрытыя багатымі гаямі срэбнай елі, белай хвоі, асіны і паперы бяроза да вады; там-сям каменныя абрывы правяраюць сцэну і ратуюць яе ад аднастайнасці: багацце крапчатай фарэлі, ласосінай фарэлі, баса і іншай рыбы, з якой яна захоўваецца, дадала нашым забавам спорт заняткаў. іх ".

Акрамя рэкрэацыйных мерапрыемстваў, якія ахопліваюць плаванне, рыбалку і параплаў, ёсць некалькі круізаў, якія ахопліваюць частку возера.

"Возера Джордж прыгожа назіраць за любым пунктам гледжання, але для ўсведамлення яго сапраўднай велічы ва ўсіх яго формах няма нічога падобнага на слізгаценне па мігатлівай паверхні гэтай" Каралевы амерыканскіх азёр ", – раіць Пол Такетт у сваім артыкуле" Гіганты возера "(" Наведайце раён возера Джордж у Адыронданках Нью-Ёрка ", дэпартамент па турызме акругі Уорэн, стар. 24). "… Любы адзін з некалькіх відовішчных круізных судоў гатовы суправаджаць пасажыраў праз жыццё возера Джордж".

"Правядзіце гадзіну альбо атрымлівайце асалоду ад незабыўнага дня на борце аднаго з цудоўных судоў, якія курсуюць у крышталёва чыстых водах возера Джордж …", – працягвае ён (там жа, стар 24). "Капітан абмяркоўвае каларытную гісторыю возера Джордж, у той час як госці ўглядаюцца ў тую ж берагавую лінію і лясы, якія натхняюць Джорджа Вашынгтона, Томаса Джэферсана, Бенджаміна Франкліна і Джэймса Фенімора Купера".

Дзве кампаніі прапануюць розныя экскурсіі, а абедзве знаходзяцца ў паўднёвым канцы Біч-Роўд.

Па-першае, круізы на возеры Джорджа ў сваім флоце маюць дзве лодкі: 115-футовы, трохпавярховы, 400-пасажырскі "Адырондак", пабудаваны ў 2004 годзе і ўзорны па ўзроўню гастрольных караблёў канца 19-га стагоддзя; і 85-футавы двухпавярховы 150-пасажырскі "Гарыкон", які быў пабудаваны амаль выключна з чырвонага дрэва, ціка і жоўтай сасны ў 1988 годзе.

У кампаніі ёсць уласны рэстаран Shoreline з памяшканнямі на адкрытым паветры і на адкрытым паветры.

Другі круізны канцэрн, кампанія "Парк для возера Джордж", зрабіла важную ролю ў гісторыі транспарціроўкі раёна і родах звыш двух стагоддзяў таму.

З-за поспеху паслугі парахода на паўночным суседнім возеры Шамплайн, 15 красавіка 1817 года кампанія "Паровая лодка возера Джордж" пасадзіла свае водныя карані пасля таго, як заканадаўства штата Нью-Ёрк ухваліла камерцыйную перавозку.

Канал, які нагадвае "Джэймс Калдуэлл", працуе пры дапамозе рухавіка трэціх рук і мае два доўгія катлы і цагляную дымавую атаку, стаў першым суднам, якое прыступіла да службы ў тым годзе, і спатрэбіўся цэлы дзень, каб перасекчы даўжыню возера. Але нядобразычлівы пачатак службы меў загадкавы канец: полымя праз чатыры гады невытлумачальна было паглынута, прычаліўшы яго ў прычале.

Яго хутка змянілі тры іншыя лодкі: "Альпініст" у 1824 годзе, шэсць міль / ч, "Бакавы веласіпед"; "Уільям Калдуэлл" 1838 футаў, 13 км на гадзіну; і 1850 футаў "Джон-Джэй" у 13 міль / ч. У 1857 г. флот далучыўся да 400 пасажыраў, якія спалілі дровы "Мін-Ха-Ха".

У якасці наступнага ўладальніка, на працягу 72 гадоў паміж 1871 і 1943 гг., Параходная кампанія "Джордж-Парыз", штат Дэлавэр і Гудзонская чыгунка пабудавалі некалькі самых выдатных паравых суднаў на бакавых калёсах, якія выкарыстоўваюцца ў сістэме транспартавання гусенічных і водных рухаў, асабліва 223 ступня, 20-гадзінны "Сагамор" і 230-футавы, 21-мілавы "Гарыкон II".

Змена ўласнасці пасля капіталістычнай вайны ў Другой сусветнай вайне капітана Уілбура Доу ў лістападзе 1945 года папярэднічала ўваскрасенню кампаніі, што пацягнула за сабой два гады праз "магіканскі", "тыкандэрога" ў 1950 годзе і будаўніцтва цяперашняга сталёвага прыстані на Пляжная дарога.

Сёння яго флот складаюць тры катэры.

Яго флагманскі "Lac du Saint Sacrement" быў спецыяльна распрацаваны для вялікіх груп і канвенцый. Нацягваючы 189,6 футаў і змяшчае 1149 на чатырох палубах, ён быў ахрышчаны 15 чэрвеня 1989 года і мае максімальную хуткасць 18 міль / міл.

"Мінне-Ха-Ха", імя якога было дадзена жонцы Гіяты і азначае "смех вады", з'яўляецца адным з апошніх веласіпедных параходаў і нагадвае катэры ракі Місісіпі. Падоўжаны ў 1998 годзе, цяпер ён цягнецца 137 футаў і перавозіць 500 пасажыраў на трох палубах.

"Магіканскі", трэці карабель флоту, быў пабудаваны ў 1908 годзе і, такім чынам, з'яўляецца самай старой экскурсійнай лодкай у краіне, якая занесена ў Нацыянальны рэестр гістарычных месцаў. Ператвораны ў пару ў дызель ў 1946 годзе, ён даўжынёй 117 футаў, змяшчае 350 на трох палубах і круізы з хуткасцю 15 міль / міл.

І берагавыя круізы па возеры Джордж, і параходная кампанія па возеры Джордж працуюць з рознымі круізамі: ад берага возера да райскай затокі, выспы Нарса і поўнаметражных да Тыкандэрогі, пры роўнай колькасці варыянтаў сталовай: закуска самастойна. бары і грыль прадметы, абед і вячэрнія абеды, круізы з забаўкай, рэбры па панядзелках па Сэнт-Луісе, аўторкі тако, мака-сыр па серадах, чацвер піцы, пятніца Fiesta і нядзелю Prime Rib.

"Для гэтага адзінага ў сваім родзе круізнага прыгод", заключае Такетт (тамсама, стар 25), "выйдзіце на борт любога з гэтых бліскучых белых цудаў і адскоквайце на некаторы час. Калі гукі возера Джордж-Вілідж блякнуць, карабель ператвараецца ў свет для сябе: гуллівы ветрык коціцца над пасажырамі, калі сонца грэе іх цела і душу ".

Крыніцы артыкула:

Такетт, Пол. "Волаты возера". "Наведайце возера Джордж у Адыронданках Нью-Ёрка". Аддзел турызму акругі Уорэн, 2019 г.