The best celebrations in the US

Thanksgiving Day – this is probably one of the most desperate anticipated festivals of the year, when people come together and enjoy delicious feasts together with the broadcast of incredible tips and gala on television. A time when all wetted in colors of celebrations and leave the care of the calories, Thanksgiving – it really needed a festival in all our lives. Before winter starts to block us, playing in the dark hours, Thanksgiving Day – this is the last call for a celebration before the cold wind will carry all and leave us in the sunny days. Thus, to give you the best galavalomstva, we have compiled a list of the best events on the day of Thanksgiving in the US, which will surely be a treat for all of us and will give the most exciting experience for veneration:

1. New York

Of course, most right-advertised Thanksgiving Day in the United States, Macy & Parad Thanksgiving Parade – the most amazing event that took place in New York, when the giants the size of a giant size imitated the busy streets of the Big Apple and leave people who enjoy the charming sight of this fantastic parade. Thanks hits Macy & Parad Thanksgiving – this is the best experience that you can get to the demonstrations, groups, performers, celebrities and delicious. Every year thousands of people travel from around the world to New York and witness this landmark celebration, which takes place only once a year.

2. Philadelphia

People who can not take a huge crowd in New York and look forward to flowering and equally exciting celebrations on the Day of gratitude, not disappointed, and sent to the beautiful city of Philadelphia, which accept and Dunkin Donuts. Parade of gratitude – it is probably the most important holiday in the whole state. Observed almost a century, the parade of Philadelphia – a strange impression for anyone who is looking for the Fiesta in a conventional manner. Giant impacts, which give kids the stomach and the elders memorable smile along with numerous celebrations, the parade Dunkin & # 39 thanks; Donuts Thanksgiving – a truly wonderful experience for all. Once the hits connect the afternoon, you will be able to admire the various goals and activities that are carried out by local residents throughout the city.

3. Detroit

Thanksgiving travelers, who are not able to get through Philadelphia and were not able to get to the parade and thank Urine can find a quality holiday of Thanksgiving in the elegant forefront of Michigan, Detroit. Detroit has many decades & # 39 is the home of the giant celebration of Thanksgiving Day and gives tourists less crowded, but more pleasant festive feast with equally fascinating attributes and fantastic displays in the parade. Meadows board hit the road about 10 am with the marching band and traveled through the city center on the street Woodward and completed a holiday on Congress Street to the south. Thus, your morning of Thanksgiving set for a great experience and you can plan your day extra for quality events and a gala organized by the local authorities throughout the city.

4. Chicago

McDonald hits gratitude – one of the most amazing celebrations of Thanksgiving in the Midwest, where people gather around him and become witnesses of the parade, which strikes fear, which presents outstanding orchestras, elite, balloons and more. Parade thanks MacDonald was first introduced in 1934 and has since been delivered to all the celestial enjoy the many fun and exciting elements. Not only excellent and convincing displays in the parade to leave you without a voice, but also a delicious variety of gastronomy, which is served on the route and theme restaurants all over the city will give you a great sense of gratitude in Chicago.

5. Seattle

For the natives of the west, who can not find their way to the Midwest and the East Coast, you can go on blooming parade in Seattle. Parade Seattle identical to the one in New York and known as the "parade of gratitude" May Mays, who & # 39 is an amazing event and is organized every year. Although the basic elements of the parade similar to the one in New York, but you will find hundreds of people swimming in the parade and give a fantastic experience for everyone. In addition, the marching bands and stalls of delicious food are here to give you a lot to remember and enjoy the parade.

Perhaps Thanksgiving Day – a very famous festival of America and whether you know it or not, almost every town has its own way to celebrate this festival with great fanfare. Thus, there are many options for you to make a solemn festivities and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Thus, this year, if you have not planned your vacation and waiting for something incredible, everything you need – this is confirmed by the plan, and reduced trips to the day of Thanksgiving, and you are all set to travel to very high value. for a long time.