Best checklist for the weekend in Las Vegas

Casinos, bars, hotels and weddings that can be arranged for the night. This is the most common things that come to mind every time we hear LAS VEGAS. Not to mention the series, which was filmed very hot Josh Duhamel.

In Las Vegas, there are hundreds of cases. But what will you do to trip over the weekend was full among a small time in Sin? Here are eight places to visit on a trip at the weekend:

№ 1: Luxor

This 30-storey hotel is an Egyptian themed casino slash found in Vegas. It also has a 10-story sphinx in front of him. Night pyramid emits a beam of light that is reported to see in airplanes that are flying about 250 miles.

№ 2: Excalibur

This family-run hotel with a medieval design. There is nothing too fancy, just a nice structure of the place, which may appeal to your group if you are traveling with children.

Number 3: New York – New York

Here it is necessary to look outside. The place is filled with New York stuff. You can even try a ride on a roller coaster in Manhattan, if you are brave enough.

№ 4: cosmopolitan

New and improved Cosmopolitan boasts modern hotels and casinos. Entrance doors, in contrast to the neighboring hotel, close to Las Vegas, making it much more affordable.

№ 5: Bellazhyo

This is the most exciting place to visit in Las Vegas. With its Italian theme, you will be left delighted. The hotel also boasts a floral conservatory and a lake, which is the most famous water show. The lake is about 1214 fountains that make up the spectacular water.

Number 6: Paris Las Vegas

Only the Eiffel Tower is going to draw your attention to this place. The similarity with the original & # 39 is unusual, including the observation deck, where you can admire the magnificent views.

№ 7: MGM Grand

This hotel, which boasts a huge bronze lion, which extends about 45 feet. Inside the hotel there is a man-made lion sanctuary, which can be viewed through the glass window.

№ 8: Mirage

Polynesian hotel, it boasts a white tiger habitat and the environment dolphin habitat. To date, the rate for dolphins and tigers is 15 (USD) for adults.

Sin City has to offer tons more than just these eight places. If you want the in Las Vegas, an explosion occurred on the weekend, try to remember the above places to make your trip to Las Vegas worth it.