Charter before the Christmas festivities

We all know that the biggest New Year party takes place in the beautiful city of New York. "Crossroads of America" ​​in Times Square held every day on December 31, when a million people go down to watch the ball drop, which marks the New Year.

Although each year is estimated to be around one million people visit the people in the world have more than a billion people who are taking action through television. Staying there lives in many bucket lists, and if you do not live in the New York area, it means a trip. Why not start this trip on a step, forgetting commercial travel and hiring a private jet to get to you there?

Aircraft Application means that you miss Var & # 39; yatskiya have to follow the safety line and you do not have someone to schedule. You will have plenty of room for the legs, head and elbows, if you sell to watch as the ball drops in Times Square.

People started to gather in New York back in 1904, but only in 1907 the first ball was thrown. The diameter was 5 & # 39; made of wood and iron, and adorned with a hundred lamps at 25 watts. He weighed only 700 pounds, and marks the first of the seven translations of the famous ball.

Today, Ball New Year's Eve – a year-round, which sits on an area of ​​One Times Square. It weighs 6 tons and has a diameter of 12 & # 39; 25W bulbs instead now decorated with crystals 2688 Uoterforda asvyatleny triangles and more than 32,000 LED Philips Luxeon.

If you plan to attend the celebrations, do you know that this whole evening? They actually took place the ceremony of ignition and lift the ball a few hours before his fall, which signals the beginning of a new year, and up to midnight. Another interesting fact from 39 & # is that one ton of confetti falls on revelers after the fall of the ball. Watch one on television, but personally attend the entirely different.

Due frahtuyuchy plane, you can reach the famous New York City, which is much faster and without stress and enjoy not only the festivals, but also trips to and from it.