The loop for the Far East – winged North East America and the waterways of the Lower East

Best kept secret Loopers …

The loop in the Far East, affectionately nicknamed by cruisers "Little big loop" consists mainly of inland waterways of Northeastern America and Lower East Canada. Since the early to mid-June, Shallow loop carries cruiser New York back to New York, total area of ​​about 2400 nm. This makes it an ideal trip for a 3-month summer cruise. The loop in the Far East is considered to be less demanding route compared with the great loops, but no less exciting and adventurous for its cruisers. This route provides the best of the Big loop without time. It really is the perfect cruise for boaters without the possibility to abandon the cruise a year.

Where you can explore on a loop of Down-East …

As described cruiser Susann & Alan Syme aboard the M / V Kaos: "A trip filled with cultural diversity from the big city of New York, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and Boston, brimming with history, a small historic fishing villages of Novo Scotia and Maine This diversity.. covers both the US and Canada, being exposed to English, French and lifestyle akadyyskaga ". It is easy to see that diversity in the loop of Down-East is rich in culture, and in the cities.

Starting from the Big Apple, the cycle Down East begins with a bang! Most cruisers looks in New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty seen as an incredibly emotional experience. Saturated the streets of one of the largest cities in the United States provide plenty of excursions to keep all travelers. Whether it's a visit to the production on Broadway or the admiration of the historical sights of the city, there is something for everyone in New York.

After taking the Big Apple cruiser went to Canada powerful Hudson River. Here in Quebec, on Dovgaskhodnim looters can find shopping, going to the movies, eat gelato, study historical ports, enjoying hundreds of bistros and sidewalk, and also to look into the colorful Old Quebec. If you have a sweet tooth, do not forget to visit the Museum of Chocolate!

After visiting Quebec, Montreal Looper moves. Stop in Ottawa is required. Cruiser "Down Loop" Leslie and Doug Folkert explain their visit with enthusiasm: "We love Ottawa Well, this should be the best city ever We'll be here a few days, but there are so many things that you need to look really,. we could stay here forever and still not see anything. " Leslie and Doug believed to visit the Byward Market, which was founded in 1820 and has lots of outdoor stalls and indoor shops, RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Chinatown, Gatenev, which is similar to a state park, and estates McKenzie King and Kingswood.

Facts loop Down East:

– How to start: New York
– Where it ends up in New York City
– Route: New York City, Hudson River, Lake Shamplayn, Quebec, Quebec City, Tadoussac, Rock Perce (the most photographed sight), New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Maine, Boston
– A good time to start: the early to mid-June
– Arrival in Quebec in early July
-Depart Portland, Maine, the middle-end of September to avoid storms
– What is the role AGLCA?

Members of the American Association for cruisers Great Loop Cruisers and cruises offer first-hand knowledge. Their advice and recommendations will ensure that new Loopers will have the most rewarding and fun cruising experience, making the cycle "Down East".

What can you do on a trip / Places:

– Quebec: shopping, go to the movies, eat gelato, explore the city, visit the grocery store, when it is, they have a great celebration, "they know how to party", historical ports, bistros, cafes, sidewalks, Chateau Frontenak and sidewalks "Old Quebec ", which has a very" European "feel and scenic views, the chocolate museum ** Namachaytse in French!

– Montebello: Le Château, Monbebela, estate Papin
Saint Anne de Bellevue: nice little town

– Montreal: Pier port d & # 39; Escala. It is in the heart of Old Montreal, with brick streets and magnificent architecture, travelers looking for shows such as Cirque du Soleil

– Ottawa: "We love Ottawa Okay, this should be the best city ever" – say Leslie and Doug Folkert. "We'll be here a few days, but there are so many things that you need to see and do, we could stay here forever and still not see anything. First of all, we went to the Byward Market, which was founded in the 1820s and has a lot of open stalls and shops closed.

Then, in the RCMP, where we saw the horses and the stables inspected. We passed all the various government buildings, through Chinatown, and stopped for lunch at Tim Horton's ubiquitous, Gatenea resembling a state park. It was really nice, and we also visited the estate of Mackenzie King and Kingswood. For a long time he was a much loved premiership & # 39; er Minister of Canada, toured the Parliament, the Royal Canadian Mint and the Museum of currencies, the Museum of Civilization. "

– Erie Canal: Factory and Museum revaltonskih guns, Sylvan Beach: a little resort town, Eddie: the old family restaurant

– Uoterfard: The last city before was actually the channel Eerie

– New York: very emotional part to see the Statue of Liberty.