8 summer events, fairs and concerts that you do not want to miss in New Jersey

The summer months are always lively, sometimes whimsical, positive entertainment, an incredibly vibrant and definitely memorable! You will be truly spoiled by the choice of the calendar, which was choking events during sunny months in the Garden State. It's hard to complain about the free live entertainment in the beautiful parks throughout New Jersey, events tasting food and wine, cultural holidays, new exhibits of local museums, fairs, festival balloons and fireworks July 4th. You will regret having missed the fanfare, when you're in town.

It is also a time of year when parents and teachers organize trips for their children or students getting their choice from a long list of top American tourist temptations, such as Adventure and Safari, Casino Pier and Sea Water Park, Crystal Springs Family water park, Fantasy Island an amusement park, a field station: Dinosaur Funleks and more! If you like it, you will be offered to visit the best breweries of New Jersey, elevated beacons, magnetic dendrapartah and gardens, or you can make a trip to the Aquarium Adventure Aquarium Zhenkisan, American Museum of the work, or the Liberty Science Center Du-GDP museum experience. Take a walk through the surrounding area and small towns, and they can bring you some pleasant surprises. You just never know that just around the corner, so be excited.

1. Princeton Festival

Makkarter Theater Center, Actors Studio Matthew Miller Chapel, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, princesses and a music school Lawrence Clark

91 University Pl, Princeton, NJ, 08540

(609) 258-2787 / (609) 759-0379

Princeton Festival – one of the highest achievements of the opera in the local region – a 4-day event, which has won the hearts of the Organization Jersey Arts and The New York Times. Her efforts vysokaatsenkavyya always admirable and easily handed the award "Choice People" in the last-known productions such as "Porgy and Bess" by Gershwin, "Aryodant" Handel, "Progress rake" and the dream of "Kupala Night".

Prem & # 39; erny Performing Arts Festival offers eight different types of performing styles that have come out of it leaner and conservative rulers of the past, and he boldly presents both nationally known and young artists in their performances today.

Summer event tied to the fun things that happened on the way to the forum, and 'Madame Butterfly', as well as the performance that supports the Metropolitan Opera. Although the main event of the festival will be held in the Theater Center Makkarter, a scene from Peter and Will Anderson Quintet will be taken like chamber Concordia players baroque choral, piano concertos, instrumental concerts, competitions, 15 free lectures, master classes, preview and master classes that create an explosion on the music scene around untouched in Princeton.

In the early years it was a small program, established by its founder Richard Tan Yukam; today it has a lasting effect tentacles reach.

2. Festival of rock ribs and deprivation

Fair Sussex counties

37 Plains Rd, Augusta, NJ 07822

(973) 948-5500

If barbecue with badasam was to meet with funky music, it would have been right there on the rock festival, ribs and Reggio. It should be two days a tasty barbecue, which is served by the best chefs from around the country, and the atmosphere when raised mad grill session and a concert in the open air.

Held at the Sussex County fairgrounds and presented Franklin Sussex Auto Mall, we expect a packed event featuring southern cuisine and music, similar to Grand Funk Railroad, George Thorogood and the Destroyers in the heart of Northern New Jersey. a country well-known musicians will be accompanied by well chosen, fresh faces, future artists. Titles wishing chef and greasy, hardworking gentlemen, include "best ribs", "Best Sauce" and "People's Choice".

If you do not remember, camping – it's the best way to enjoy the exciting events, making a party weekend in the weekly. The bonus is that the camp of the camp are a 3-minute walk from the venue; when you're done with the Epicurean reef rafam, camping, fortunately, only creeps.

3. National Exhibition of New Jersey

State Fair Meadow

1 MetLife Stadium Drive, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

(201) 355-5911

When the sun comes out and the kids are itching to get out of the house, take a bottle of sunscreen, vyskachaytse something simple in the microwave for dinner, and then go to the State Fair meadow meadows for fun rides, free entertainment and shopping. . The largest 18-day event in New Jersey, which is composed by price, has over 150 rides Largest Kiddieland in New Jersey, which includes a race of pigs, which are in demand.

Fair opens its doors on June 21 and will be presented to the dazzling fireworks July 4th. Before and after the celebrations at the site will be attractions that cause adhesion of white and neurotic fantasy (think, Sky Ride and Batcopter), to entertain all. For the curious – daring acrobats, magicians suspects, games for children, live animal exhibition, sinful array of gourmet food and drinks, as well as the comfort station at the fairgrounds 35 acres.

Since the graph is almost always going to be different every day, visit their website for dates and times. Hourly weather forecast & # 39; I will help you decide whether you move or crawl under a blanket, while sponsors will warn about the promotions and great deals.

4. The annual balloon festival in New Jersey QuickChek

Solberg airport

39 Thor Solberg Rd., Redyngton, NJ, 08889

Balloon – large, traditional for the local people of New Jersey. Since the first flight took place Jean-P & # 39; er Blanchard over the Delaware River with software to New Jersey, where he was greeted with a pitchfork threatening, leaving the sky in New Jersey has become a tradition and pride. Flying on hydrogen fuel dates back more than 200 years ago, but in recent years it has only increased in size and popularity.

36th annual festival balloon QuickChek New Jersey, along with PNC Bank, – one of the most anticipated events in the itinerary something & # 39; and. During the event it is planned to collect more than 170,000 patrons, riding in a balloon twice a day. Her award – getting "best special events," Governor Award and included in the list of "100 best festivals in North America."

In a thrilling sight, except a trip on the balloons will also be family games, the human cannonball act, aerial performances, entertainment with Dr. Planet, juggling, amusement entertainment firework extravaganza, yoga, running to run balloons 5K, children's concerts, competitions , direct broadcast, mobile learning adventure, magic shows, comedians and more.

5. North wild forest Italian-American

Northern wild forest

Old New Jersey Avenue, North Wildwood, NJ, 08260

(609) 536-0176

If you prefer something more cohesive and traditional, perfect Italian-American festival. The three-day event will celebrate the traditions, cuisine, culture and entertainment, dedicated to the Italian-American, and it attracts more than 75 000 people from all walks of life.

After the party comes the solemn procession in honor of St. Anthony. Performances by groups, will be live broadcast, after which people can wander around and enjoy everything from live entertainment, children's activities, grape stomping and dirty and fun relay.

Employee incentive for those with Italian origin, to know and learn more about their culture, the people, too, are attracted to olive wood signs, drawings and contest "Little Miss Italy". Nobody gives up free entertainment from local talent, such as "Gorki sweet duet", "The Corner Boys", "Johnny Taco", "99 reasons", "shoes Blue Goody", "Aquanets", "Philly Cruz" and " Just in Time ".

6. Free summer concerts around New Jersey

The sun does not come out, free entertainment, and the food is nothing wrong gastronomic. This is specifically what nature has ordered for the summer. No matter what you want to withdraw money from your favorite local band or just pull out the clutch and let life you pull your shoulders, Garden State boasts a wide range of concerts around their parks. And that's just the taste.

Rotary Park Bandstand

400-498 Lafayette St, Cape May, NJ 08204

Charming local green space has a bandwidth used for such activities. Take a blanket or beach chair, leave the place and you are ready to dissolve the hair. No fanfare, no extravagance. You are allowed to just be outdoors with your loved ones and enjoy the free entertainment throughout the summer. Featured performers – "Rhythm Doctor", "Golden Eagle", "Chorus meynlineyrav", "Marryngtan Band", "Old School," "Odessa Klezmer", "Capers" and many others

Sinatra park

Sinatra Dr, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 239-6631

If they do not run their own physical limitations to run, they play football with his friends, kayaking or lying listlessly, enjoying a marvelous species of Manhattan on food for a picnic. It is a scene that you can expect if you get to the park, "Sinatra" in Hobaken, New Jersey. Park promenade is also popular because it is clean, not too crowded (due to the large setting), free speech outdoors all summer and suitable for bicycles and pets. The summer edition of the competition to see "Sinatra Idol", "Easy bash Hoboken», as well as performances of the symphony orchestra of New Jersey, "Betrothal Paul Simon", "Allbors" Hoboken Mile Square Allstars, "Singadelichny Big Band", etc. performances are subject to change.

Echo Lake Park

Springfield Avenue, Mountain, NJ 07092

(908) 527-4900

Evergreen place for local residents, New Jersey, the 16th best place to stay in New Jersey (according to the monthly magazine of New Jersey), Echo Lake Park, along Springfield Avenue – a great place for a picnic by the lake , softball, running, skating, boating, sledding and amenities such as a place for fishing, playgrounds, water wheels and lots of wide open space for family activities such as kite flying, frisbee and running.

Surrounded by low hills on the outskirts of New York City skyline rounds off the experience. If you have a four-legged friend, and bring them into this park, which corresponds to the pet. This year, a regular calendar of summer events held in the park.

Summer musical series Mountainside represents range involving Pat Foley Band (June 30), Al Shafner and Revtones (July 7), The Band Liver Ross Band (July 14), Gavel Project (July 21), The Riley Parkhurst Project (July 28 ) Crush Dave Metsyuz Trybut Band (August 4), Jonathan Grade Band (August 11), Shark Martin (18 August), Late night "self" (25 August), Studio Two – "The Beatles to America" ​​(1 September) .

village Green

concerts series "Hot Nights"

356 Broad Street, Summit, NJ 07901

(908) 277-2932

Concert Series "Hot Summer Nights" ranks high as a summer event in the town center, NJ, brings a complex mess of activities, food, drinks and live entertainment for the thousands of visitors.

In the section "Investor-bank" powered vans converge to provide not only the delicious local food, but also handing out free ice cream. You do not have to be a kid to grab it. The Village Green is located among a number of lively shops and restaurants around the bustling city center. The most important setting offers people of all walks of life and age to take arms to enjoy a series of screen film "Green" and celebrate life, laughter, good food and drink in a bizarre moment of social cohesion.

All concerts begin at 19 o'clock sharp, and Night Night introduces local residents with non-profit foundations of their missions.

7. Voices and color: in the & # 39; etnamski Dong Ho

Arts & Cultural Center Wheaton

One thousand five hundred and one Glasstown Rd., Millville, NJ 08332

(856) 825-6800

Picture paints a thousand words … and in this case, the painting depicts a million other words. In the artistic and cultural center of Wheaton, people turn to look inside life on the south shore of the Red River, the river that zmyae its way from Hanoi, In & # 39; etnam.

For people from the village of Dong Ho (also known as the village of Maya) – is the creation vysokaapisalnaga woodcarving and painting Pune paper, and they are right here in Milvile. Folk paintings are famous for both in & # 39; etname and outside, showing off the beauty of the village bukalichnuyu full and complete normal and festive glory. Each picture is carefully made by hand from the printed paper on the tree.

80-year-old d & # 39; etnamski master Nguyen Huu Sam showed in his home thousands of masterpieces. Nguyen Huu Sam – a living human treasure; along with his collection of folk paintings, reflecting his native country, the exhibit sheds light into an ephemeral transformation not only of the country and its people, but also the world at large.

8. Or do we have there?

Museum of Early Crafts and crafts

9 Main St, Madison, NJ, 07940

(973) 377-2982

Internet may have reduced light in the 21st century; then travel did. The current exhibit at the Museum of Early Crafts and Arts "New exhibit: we still have?" and it presents the personal accounts of travelers and early 19th century, in which nothing but the shirts on their backs when they made their way to New Jersey.

He offers an insider study of local transport networks, which helped build the economy of the State of New Jersey, facilitating tools such as a railway equipment and a compass surveyor. As it now sounds, they are the basis of life and work of the early travelers. Things that we today accept as a tribute to: cars, trains, bikes, planes, each of which mobilizes us in a way that would make our ancestors' green with envy. Nevertheless, it is possible to lay the training session tracks and routes.

In addition to training the patrons in the early stages of the journey, the museum holds a huge collection of tools of the trade, handicrafts from the early settlers of New Jersey in its permanent exhibits, especially local farming communities of the 1800s. You will be pleasantly surprised at how such simple tools and techniques have contributed to the development of the modern community.

The above events should lead you to some of the best places to experience Boston in full. And you know the old saying, "the more fun?" It's true! Take the family members & # 39; and or friends quickly and come enjoy the beautiful city of Boston.