Basic travel expenses

Since the travel expenses are up, companies are realizing that improving cost management techniques can make a difference trivago flights and hotels US. According to recent surveys management business trips in 1994, spending on corporate travel decreased to more than 143 billion US dollars. Private sector employers spend about 2484 dollars per employee on travel […]

8 summer events, fairs and concerts that you do not want to miss in New Jersey

The summer months are always lively, sometimes whimsical, positive entertainment, an incredibly vibrant and definitely memorable! You will be truly spoiled by the choice of the calendar, which was choking events during sunny months in the Garden State. It's hard to complain about the free live entertainment in the beautiful parks throughout New Jersey, events […]

Charter before the Christmas festivities

We all know that the biggest New Year party takes place in the beautiful city of New York. "Crossroads of America" ​​in Times Square held every day on December 31, when a million people go down to watch the ball drop, which marks the New Year. Although each year is estimated to be around one […]

Family life in Bangkok

I moved to Thailand in 2003, simply because I was bored with life in the US. I lived in Boston, studied in New York and traveled the world. Traveling were my favorite thing, until I went to Thailand. It looked like something I am looking at the light, and finally found it in Thailand. After […]

Best checklist for the weekend in Las Vegas

Casinos, bars, hotels and weddings that can be arranged for the night. This is the most common things that come to mind every time we hear LAS VEGAS. Not to mention the series, which was filmed very hot Josh Duhamel. In Las Vegas, there are hundreds of cases. But what will you do to trip […]

Increase your efficiency, collaboration technology with business operations

Now, people travel around the world for personal and professional purposes. Over the last decade in business have been major changes associated with meeting clients, business colleagues, bureaucrats, etc. According to a study conducted by the American Association for the travel, the direct costs of domestic and international business travel in 2016 amounted to nearly […]