My first trip to New York

The first time I went to New York with his parents in 1969 at the age of seven. it was fun! I have many pleasant memories of my visit, including Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. Since then I have returned to the Great Apple a dozen or so times.

My father came to New York from Cleveland in 1964 Vista Cruiser station wagon. I remember that he was riding pretty fast when we first saw the Manhattan skyline. I do not remember too much about our first day in the Big Apple, but I remember that we stayed with my great Aunt Millie and Uncle Fred.

I have fond memories of my first visit to the Empire State Building, then the tallest building in the world. I was amazed that it was 102 stories. My sister, who was six, commented that the cars and taxis below looked like little toys.

For me the highlight of the trip was to observe the two-game series on the air: the concentration in a single day and the risk of the next day. I loved watching these programs on TV as a child and seeing them live was the sky. Ed McMahon held concentration and Fleming art accepted risk.

Another thing I liked in New York, was visiting Times Square. I remember the old billboard with cartoons made by flashing lights. My love for numbers in my childhood I was even more carried away by the digital clock display at the cartoon, which is methyl every tenth of a second. I asked my father to go to the sign twice!

JFK airport transportation

John F. Kennedy International Airport, or commonly known as JFK Airport, opened its gates to the public in 1948. He used to be called the airport in New York, and later became a popular ex-president of the United States. Today it is considered one of the busiest airports in the world.

Nearly 30 million people a year fly to and from the airport. He recently underwent a comprehensive renovation and put nine terminals serving 80 airlines.

Located in the State of Queens in New York, it is exactly 15 miles south-east of the city center. In this city where people do not have enough cars to drive because of the frequent movement, there are many options for easy transportation available for both locals and visitors who go to JFK and from the airport. One of the key terminal is surrounded by the rest of the other terminals. Parking intended for each terminal uniquely coded by color to distinguish them from each other.

It is very advisable to contact the leadership of JFK airport early to avoid the closure of parking spaces. To travel faster through the terminals and parking lots, there are a number of good transport options at JFK airport, for example, AirTran, offering a ride every two to four minutes, and another – Autolink.

These modes are offered free of charge. You may want to consider other options, such as transportation JFK Airport, JFK service cars, limousines and limousine service JFK New York to get to the airport.

The first floor of each terminal you can find cabins that can guide you in choosing the means of land transport, in which you want to stay in New York and around it, as well as at JFK Airport and JFK Airport. Other features that provides the airport – it's a variety of services that capture and entertain the many interests of each visitor or local traveler. There are bank services and information boards to help you solve the problem of housing favorites in which you would like to settle. You can even find the simplest things, such as to buy a bouquet of flowers, get a newspaper or a book to read, to gain access to the laptop in the conference rooms, working on Wi-Fi, and even in the short term to highlight shoes. Given all this, for you do not have sufficient reason even leave the airport.

Every year about 48 million visitors have to pass through JFK airport for quite a long stop. With an approximate number of 110 million passengers from about 50 countries a year, a huge number of statistics that happens to land in New York at the time of the stop. Thus, it may be helpful to go through the city and discover the sights and the treasures of the Big Apple as a worthy way to spend time while you wait for your flight.

Stops in the city can last all day. Thus, the ability to move around the city without worrying about the fact that you can go back in time, if your flight is one of the biggest worries of every traveler. It is here that the service of the New York limousine service is best. New York Limousin can save you from traffic, crowds and stress of finding a parking. The city is known that spends six peak hours every day to the public transport system, which is stunning, and the strange design of the earth. But NYC limousines are the rescuers for those who are just a little to spend on studying the Big Apple. Each driver of the limousine JFK can get around the city with his eyes closed and remember the best routes to avoid traffic.

Another thing is that the driver of the limousine JFK Airport Limo can also act as a wonderful and useful guides on city tourist spots and famous sights. Each driver of the limousine at the airport JFK well as focuses on the cultural background of the city and the historic landscape. Some drivers even multilingual, so they can easily adapt to any possibility that the passenger may be different language and nationality. When ordering a limousine with any reliable and dependable service JFK Limo Service, you can be sure that your money is worth all costs, especially if you have with you when traveling and entertaining driver friendly car service JFK.

JFK Airport limousine can also be useful to help you in terms of planning that you need to do is to find all the attractive events and attractions that you want to see and experience. You can tell the driver their attractions, and they can guide you to the places where it fits your preferences. For example, if you are a history buff, then you will go to the driver of the city's best museums.

Thanks to a packed features and benefits of the New York limousine service, one can travel in style, and enjoy a trip back in time for their scheduled flights. Limousine New York City only offer what is best in terms of elegance, ease of travel and other innovative components. Therefore, if you want avoid possible cases that may occur during their stay at JFK Airport, think about to get the service to hire a New York company limuzinavay. Be sure that you will be provided with high-quality support and assistance in terms of land-based trips and timely transportation to JFK airport and out of it.

Visiting Yonkers, NY

Yonkers – a city that is located in close proximity to the Big Apple, so he closed the New York and underestimates the visitors. Nevertheless, there are plenty of leisure options for the traveler who decides to visit the city. Yonkers boasts interesting museums, squares and gardens, and offers a variety of options for dining, shopping and entertainment. So let's see an overview of the most popular places to visit in the city (listed in no particular order).

1. Park Tibbetts Brook: Park – an oasis of green in the city, and he is very well organized. You can fall in love with a variety of sports and outdoor activities; you can play basketball on the courts or watch a baseball game. You can also go hiking on nearby trails or fishing, so I think that your need outdoor satisfied.

2. Amphitheater Hudson Here you can absorb a large number of cultures, as well as to capture a beautiful view of the adjacent river. In the amphitheater there are many performances and shows from movies to Shakespeare n & # 39; the EU, there is always something for everyone.

3. Glenview House (1877) and the estate Phillips (one thousand six hundred eighty-two): You can appreciate the antique Yonkers, visiting two historical museums. You can see perfectly preserved decor and objects, as well as to admire the traditional architecture of its own or with a guide. Are you sure you feel that you have gone through a time machine and ended up there.

4. Hudson River Museum: if you do not get the correction history of the houses, the museum will definitely satisfy you. You can admire the art gallery and learn a lot about the local history of the site. Located near the planetarium and the aforementioned Glenview mansion, and is highly recommended to visit.

5. Parks and gardens Untermyer: Gardens should be if you are a romantic, nature-lover or just want to make memorable pictures in an idyllic location. Local vegetation is represented in the thematic areas and decorations include an amphitheater, a statue and a pavilion.

6. Casino Empire City Casino – a must for those of you who has a flair for gambling. It presents a large variety of electronic and conventional casino games, a restaurant, live shows and horse riding at a local track.

7. iFly Center: mandatory for fans of extreme sports. The main center of attraction with the & # 39 is that it offers to simulate the experience of parachuting. If you ever wanted to fly and they were afraid, now is your chance to experience skydiving in a safe and fun manner.

8. Shopping Center Ridge Hill and Cross County: Both sites – shopping malls and offer a variety of shopping options; from local shops to department stores with different brands and adapted to all budgets. In the summer months in these locations are activities, Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from movies to live concerts.

From shopping to adventure and romantic walks on the cultural escapade in Yonkers all there, so the next time you think to travel, why do not you visit the Yonkers? I am sure that the city will make an unforgettable holiday.

Gate of Central Park in New York City

Central Park – the same vista of Manhattan and New York, as well as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. Walk Paradise Central Park after staying in glass and steel jungle means breath of fresh air. February 12, 2005 This walk was even more lush and enthusiastically approached the 7500 "gate" height of 16 feet with a bright orange cloth that is flowing in the wind 7 feet above you. If the fabric is swung and rustled, it hid the city from you, and made noise from taxis and ambulances to stop briefly. After all, at that point you were part of something larger than a city park or yourself; for a moment you were part of the art Kryshta and Jeanne-Claude.

Kryshta and Jeanne-Claude are known for their multiple large works with fabric and the natural world. Husband and wife – a classically educated and trained artists on & # 39; united as partners in art and in life in 1960. Since the first collaboration in 1961, they continued to spread his ideas of tissue around the world. Some of their most famous works were "Running Fence", which spreads over 24 miles from the California countryside and "surrounded islands" if the bays Biscayne, Miami was wrapped in blue cloth. Their art is done on a very large scale, and can be seen at the international level, so that the majority of people see it. Like many beautiful things in life, such as flowers of spring or autumn leaves, you should see them when they are there, or they will disappear forever. Christo and Jeanne-Claude are currently working on a project to wrap or create a ceiling on the Arizona River in Colorado. It is expected that this project will be completed in late 2008. The pair brought up her son and lived in New York since 1964.

Because they are the inhabitants of this wonderfully eclectic American city, they wanted to show their love and appreciation for it. They were asked to do a project for the city and for many years, but their ideas were rejected. When they offered a "Gate" in 2004, they received permission to happiness. This project gave many New Yorkers to work on establishing and removing a masterpiece, as well as the opportunity to be part of this pair of skillful gratitude. February 27, 2005 New Yorkers left the natural green landscape of the park and the memories of the course under the autumn plyaskayuchymi gate.

5 fun things that can be done in Monroe New York

Monroe New York – a colorful village and city in Orange County, New York. Initially, the settlement city in 1799, and later renamed the Monroe after President James Monroe in 1818, Monroe is located about one hour from New York City. The community is still in demand today because of the numerous lakes and the park Great central location and close proximity to shopping and entertainment. Here are five fun things to you when you are in Monroe, New York:

Walk on the Monroe ponds – a long point for the fitness community because of the large steps that envelops the Monroe ponds in the village center, the Monroe ponds takes you to the newly completed theater in the city park to the airport and the main village street.

A visit to the museum village – Taking the history of the area, Village Village Museum takes a blacksmith, manual printing shop, shop broom and school house from the beginning of the 1800s. There are plenty of activities for which you can select something to satisfy everyone in the family & # 39; and.

Go to the annual Cheese Festival – Annual festival of cheese – it's entertainment product in the area. Originally the festival was created to celebrate the rich history of cheese making in the village, including serving as a modest starting point for Velveeta cheese. Today, the holiday lasts many cheeses to try a variety of local businesses, to try to walk through the village.

Go shopping at the usual outlets Woodbury – home to more than two hundred and twenty shops designers, including Saks-of-Fifth Avenue, Gucci, Prada and Coach Woodbury usual – a shopping mecca for hunters trade in the metro area of ​​New York. Every year there are visitors who come to the tens of thousands to buy in Woodbury Common an informal national day of sales, Black Friday.

Take a hike on the mountain bear – on the mountain will bear a lot of entertainment options, including hiking, swimming, camping and picnics. During the winter months you can find skaters and skiers onto the slopes of the mountain bear.

Monroe New York is ideal for day trips from New York City, with its access to transit MetroNorth, regular bus lines, which go to the city, and easy access to major interstate settlements, passing through New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. People who aspire to a more quiet room lifestyle in Monroe, will find plenty of homes to choose from, like the lakeside promenade, houses and luxury property conveniently located condos and townhouses.

Top Hotels in New York

Looking to visit New York and get rid of all the stresses of everyday life, throwing the way than to look beyond our best hotels in New York City! Try luxury and delve into the culture, which the famous New York City, and enjoy all it has to offer New York. We promise that your experience in New York is sure to become your vacation that you will never forget!

Hotel St Regis
Two East 55th Street at Fifth Avenue
If we are talking about the Hotel St. Regis, was not spared the costs. From the moment you arrive, waiting for you to get a great staff and own iconic Butler service. It is surrounded by the beautiful decor of the silk curtain walls, plush velvet, gold staircases, furniture, custom, deeply carved crown and decorative moldings made of clapboard, and marble baths. Together with the restaurant with food by the famous chef Alain Dukas there are various bars and lounges. In 2009, she received a five-star award Forbes Travel Guide five-consecutive year. Prices start at $ 1,000 per night.

Peninsula New York
700 Fifth Avenue
Try the most comfortable in which you have ever been, to surround himself with gentleness plush robes and akunutsesya in the beauty of elegant Peninsula. From room service to the stunning Shanghai restaurant on the peninsula no shortage of fine dining. Enjoy a dip in the rooftop swimming pool or spa procedures papestsitsesya. Prices start at about $ 975 per night.

fifth Avenue
You are looking for a hotel that screams luxury and refinement? If so, look no further than Plaza Hotel in New York City. No wonder why this chic hotel is entered in the first list of hotels in New York City, and on the square meters is the largest hotel in New York, and has recently updated the situation and size of $ 450 million. Plaza boasts legendary oak-paneled Oak Bar, an elegant champagne bar and a stylish club Rose, containing excellent pools and gardens. Stunning luxury apartments are elegant and extravagant décor that is perfect for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. A conveniently located accommodation just a short walk from the best shops, restaurants, night life and art galleries in New York, this hotel does not beat. Prices start from $ 700 per night.

Park Avenue 70
Park Avenue
Designed to feel at home, at home, with his more intimate design, the 70 Park Avenue – is a refreshing change to other hotels in New York City. This eco-friendly hotel uses environmentally friendly chemicals and products, organic food, and energy-efficient technologies. Guestrooms provide complimentary wine hour, wireless internet, newspaper and coffee, as well as a spa service in the room, limousine service, wine tours and accommodation with pets. Prices average around 300 per night.

33 West 37th Street
It's hard to be a new hotel and occupies the top hotel in New York, but the hotel really deserves its place. Not far from the spectacular views of the Empire State Building is the newest modern luxury Manhattan hotel. One of the best qualities of the hotel – a courtyard of the restaurant on the roof, overlooking the New York skyline. Enjoy a complimentary buffet for a meal in the European style, full of spectacular cuisine, a relaxing message at their spa, workout in the well-equipped fitness center and much more. Walk from Times Square, Broadway Theater, Fashion District, Bryant Park, Empire State Bldg, Jacob manifest and many Fortune 500 companies in this hotel – all about convenience. Rooms start at $ 300 per night.

Hotel in New York City
455 Madison Avenue
The title really sums this hotel because the "Palace" – this is what he really is, and it exudes. With marble throughout, large pillars, high arched windows and some of the biggest rooms in New York, this world famous premier & # 39; er hotel surround you with luxury and excellent service. It includes 5 different areas of food, including a rooftop restaurant with a perfect view of the Manhattan skyline, a huge gym, a fantastic spa and much more. Prices start from $ 300 per night.

Hotel Four Seasons 57
East 57th Street
New York is known for its high standards and luxurious lifestyle, it is not surprising that the Four Seasons, known for its luxury and high standards, located right in the heart of Manhattan. With its stunning views and elegant style, emitted marble bathrooms, rich furnishings, private bars, the tranquil resort and famous restaurants, "Four Seasons" – the perfect place to raise your legs and get rid of busy lifestyles. Prices start from $ 700 per night.

The Ritz-Carlton, New York
50 Central Park to the south
Come yourself, make sure that the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York – was awarded a luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan, which presents 259 rooms with great purpose, 47 suites and experience the living room The Ritz-Carlton Club® Lounge for guests who want to enhance the level of luxury and privacy. . In addition to the excellent service and an intimate atmosphere, Lounge Ritz-Carlton Club® offers five wonderful culinary offerings throughout the day. Tell excellent views of Central Park or get off at the door, to enjoy all the adventures that can offer New York. Prices start from $ 725 per night.

Trump International Hotel and Tower One
Central Park West
If you want five-star hotels and restaurants, why go further than the world-famous hotel Donald Trump. It is the only five-star hotel in New York, which also has a five-star restaurant. This massive 52-storey building is located next to Central Park with the best views of New York City. The room has a heated swimming pool in the 55-foot, babysitting service, adapted mini bar, personalized stationery, personal shopping, fitness center and a variety of fabulous spa treatments. But none of the evening would not be complete without delicious food from two different 5-star restaurants awarded chef Jean-Gorges Vongerichten. Prices start from $ 750 per night.

Waldorf Astoria
301 Park Avenue
One of the first hotel, which was named "Grand Hotel"; Waldorf Astoria is world famous for over a century. With marble floors, en-suite marble bathrooms, huge beds, open fireplace, glittering chandeliers and plush seats you will fall in love from the first time when step into the door. Enjoy 3 great restaurants, bars and lounges, as well as value-added services, and services, including a dedicated "Les Clefs D & # 39; Or" and "Concierge", as well as room service twice a day with a night shut-off. Prices start from $ 400 per night.

After watching our best hotels in New York, you will crave for their own recreation in New York. If so, I know that if you go with one of these hotel offers, you will not fail. And in spite of the luxury hotels in New York, New York, too, there are different things that are sure to make an impression. Hopefully see you soon in New York!

10 tips for a hotel in New York

Before heading out on a tour of New York, read about the hotel, which will make your holiday unforgettable.

Library in Midtown Manhattan

The hotel has a library More & # 39; literati & # 39; what & # 39; glitterati & # 39; : More private club than a hotel. Each of the ten rooms is dedicated to one of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal system: the social sciences, literature, languages, history, mathematics and science, general knowledge, technology, philosophy, art and religion. Each of the sixty rooms are individually It developed from the collection of art and books As for the one distinctive topic within the floor section, which it owns. Guests can request their number depending on personal interests. The Writer, den with its skyline, poetry garden , Brilliant green house – a great place for relaxing and absorbing the culture.


Access to the video library of the hotel The American Film Institute's top 100 movies – Monday to Saturday – free wine and cheese reception. – For night players magical nights are waiting for you in the salon bookmarks at the 14th floor, which serves signature cocktails, such as the Great Gatsby and bonnet.

Sofitel New York in the borough of Manhattan

The modern 30-storey Sofitel New York, It represents the French art of living through its décor. Works of art of old Paris and New York are filled this space. Traditional French fare served in the French bras, Gaby restaurant and even the uniforms for the staff designed by the famous designer Jean-Charles de Kastelbayakam. Guests will enjoy an evening walk in the hotel facilities, which include Evian water and fresh-trimmed rose. The Living in Art Deco style It is the perfect place for downtime, as well as to view a vast collection of contemporary art which adorns the walls. The design of the hotel is surrounded by a curved awards 30-storey tower, bordered by two 20-story wings that overlook the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.


Do not leave New York without taking inventive French cuisine with Asian influences, filed in the Art Deco style, by Gaby restaurant – gift shop Petit Bijou – a great export to the items brought from France.

Hudson Hotel in Midtown

Hotel Hudson – this is a new offer from the hotel Festival She Schrager. Say will fastest hotel on the block with sweeping views of the Hudson River. Designer Philippe Starck has created a fantasy world where impeccable design daredevil dance with technology in a perfect combination of light, sound and shape. The restaurant features an exhibition kitchen, a lobby bar and library bar with billiards, indoor and outdoor private park and a ceiling fresco by the famous painter Francesco Clemente, an area of ​​18.000 square meters of closed and open events and a business center. design was inspired by the romance of ocean travel and installation of a private cabin on an upscale yacht. Vogue magazine described the hotel as "Surreal chic, brilliantly designed and chic."

Hudson Sky Terrace is located on the 15th floor large private landscaped terrace where you can enjoy cocktails and a wide view of the city and the Hudson River – For your sleeping pleasure Hudson beds have Egyptian cotton letter with the number of 300 threads.

Dream Hotel in Midtown

Dream Hotel in New York City opened a Socialist-gatelyaram Vikkru Chatval in 2004. In the design of a copper statue of Catherine the Great, Neptune, and Madonna with the child, they are all surrounded by dissenters chairs. Theme design is best described as High fashion meets Alice in Wonderland & # 39; quirky & # 39; . This luxury playground has all the latest technology and three lounges, where everyone offers their inventions: subconscious an underground room with a maze Alkovsa, bar and lobby Epernay – bright space, designed by architect Marc Zefam and the AVA, named after movie star Ava Gardner, salon penthouse Dream Hotel, which offers cocktails and stunning views of the Time Square .


The Chopra Center, which is dedicated to Ayurveda , The ancient Indian science of treatment, which studied the founder Dypak Chopra, is under the ground. Glass elevator transports guests into the world of exclusive cherish – A holiday sublime cuisine Northern Italian cuisine awaits you in the restaurant, inspired Fellini, Serafina, designed by Rockwell Group.

60 Thompson in SoHo area

100 room luxury hotel-style hotel famous designer Thomas
O & # 39; Brien – a favorite of the fashion scene in the city center. The spectacular interior roof "members" and restaurant in Kitsichai complement the modern and luxurious sensuality of 60 Thompson. This luxury hotel is located back from the street behind a courtyard of birch trees. Features inter & # 39; career photos Laura Resen and a roof having a 360-degree view of Manhattan skyline . This hotel was selected "One of the world's hottest hotels" Traveler Conde Next and Entertainment weekly He called it "It Hotel" for entertainment elite.


Treat yourself to a posh Thai restaurant on the ground floor Kitsihay lunch courtyard and a bar of gold – Feel like a princess a wide marble bathrooms with mosaic floor tiles and philosophy.

Hotel and Tower Trump International in Manhattan area

Accommodation, location … This hotel is definitely a & # 39; is the main real estate: Located at the foot of Central Park And just across Columbus Circle from the Center of Time Warner. Opened in 1997, the modern 52-storey tower hotel was designed by renowned architects Philip Johnson and Costas Kandylisam. Today, Trump International Hotel & Tower with & # 39 is one of four on the & # 39 facilities in North America prestigious Mobil five-star rating both for the hotel and for its own restaurant, Jean Georges. With many unique innovations and free amenities, you do not doubt that you live in the world of the super rich Donald Trump. The rooms have high ceilings ten feet with floor-to-ceiling nine feet, so that guests can enjoy the diverse species of Manhattan.


6,000 square feet a health club with a 55-foot indoor pool and a SPA complex with full service – For guests, as usual, in the executive room 383 square feet with floor-to-ceiling windows opening onto Broadway and Lincoln Center. – Every guest receives personal stationery and business cards, as well as a cell phone on request.

Hotel Plaza Athénée in the borough of Manhattan

Located on the fashionable upper east side of Manhattan It brings a little bit of Europe in the great streets of New York . Hotel Plaza Athénée, which was renovated in 2003 and with the & # 39; is a member of the leading hotels of the world, without a doubt, one of the best hotels in New York City. it Boutique Hotel is a European-style With its 152 rooms, is located on a tree-lined residential street, which offers a peaceful and homely atmosphere. All rooms and suites have a French fabrics, temporary furniture, works of art, and bath rose marble and suites. Earthy tones and smoking premises return a little old world charm.


Sur & # 39; serious a shoppers paradise : Walking distance to Madison Avenue with Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitan, Tiffany, Barney, Department Stores and Bergdorf Goodman Blumingdels – – Do not leave New York without a cocktail in the Seine and Arabella Bari, where Carrie Bradshaw sat and drank when they were shooting Sex and the city .

Hotel 70 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan

One of the most popular hotels in downtown New York is close to Grand Central Station, right on the famous Park Avenue. Recently, 70-year-old hotel Avenue was a wide space multi-million dollar reconstruction under the guidance of renowned residential designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, who has worked with celebrities such as David Bowie, Iman and Hubert de Zhyvanchy. The hotel is decorated in warm earth tones and rich dark woods and in the lobby lounge has a 14-foot rock of limestone and sandstone. The bright and airy 188 newly decorated guest rooms, including 6 parlors and 3 penthouse a stylish neo-classical decor and luxurious amenities.


Guests will find relaxation in the convenience of walking distance Boutiques on Fifth Avenue ; Beautiful artistic and cultural centers of the city, which includes the Museum of Modern Art, Empire State Building, the Organization About the & # 39; the United Nations, Broadway and Times Square – – 2 000 sq ft penthouse suite with balcony with stunning views from the 17th-floor perch is ideal for vigorous social events or parties.

Benjamin Midtown

Originally opened in 1927 Beverly hotel he was considered one of the most successful creations of architect Emery Roth. The hotel was purchased and restored to its original grandeur in 1999, Affinia Hospitality and named after the founder Benjamin J.. Denihana, senior. Today, this complex style hotel boutiques has magnificent marble bath, rich mahogany furniture and personally well-equipped business area that attracts both business and leisure guests. Benjamin is famous for its Mattresses to order, decorated with Frette linens and down filled duvets. This is probably the only hotel in the world, which offers a menu of ten different pillows! One quarter of the businesses on Park Avenue, near the Empire State Building, the Organization About the & # 39; United Nations, Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue.


One of the four Five-Globe ECOTEL , This eco-friendly hotel, the basic philosophy of the world, covering all aspects of hotel operation and guest service – The Athena Spa Affinia – a holistic impression that will change your mind, body and spirit.

SoHo Grand Hotel in SoHo area

Built in 1996 as the first hotel in SoHo in more than a century; SoHo Grand Hotel was designed by Bill Sofildam and architect David helper. This hotel is a 17-story – it a favorite of the fashion and entertainment industry . Recently, Grand Bar & Lounge, also known as "SoHo & # 39; s hall", was recently redesigned by renowned designer William Sofildam. Welcoming some guests Kevin Spacey, Spike Lee and Naomi Campbell. pets stop here . In fact, a dog offers his own toothbrush and toothpaste. only 367 rooms 16 futovyya windows, hung with velvet curtains at 900 pounds, and the ceiling is made of mirror glass, made of mercury glass, built-in chicken wire, all this will make most fantastic place on earth .


Near the chic galleries, theaters, shops and restaurants: you are sure to natknitsesya to someone famous in TriBeCa, Greenwich Village and myasakambinatary –
Speaking of the famous Gallery Gallery and Grand Bar & Lounge is the new & # 39; American kitchen as a barbecue quail with maple and cold cold crackers with chocolate bere. Welcome to America!

New York is home to the luxury

New York – a place where you can be pampered in decadence. Luxury hotels in New York-style offer the finest amenities that keep the breathtaking view of the city and is located in the center of town to the biggest attractions on the ground. New York may be small, but powerful Manhattan when it comes to first-class service, five-star hotels and luxury lunch dishes.

In competition with old luxury hotels, New York is famous for its boutique-style hotel in New York, having developed its own customer base. Smaller, more intimate atmosphere ideal for romantic vacations and prices Pomerania living in the center of all the action at the price you want to pay. Many butsikavyh hotels in New York offer a hot breakfast, daily newspapers and a friendly atmosphere, where everyone knows your name.

If you opt for a luxury holiday in the finest hotels, or want to put money on the upcoming holidays, in New York there is something for everyone, where there is an art, entertainment, museums, and a piece of American history, preserved in a historically protected buildings.

Empire State Building, Central Park, Liberty Island and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – tops the list of most visited attractions in New York with a large amount of time that will remain in the day to find out. Take a tour through elektryfikavalnay trading floor on Wall Street, the study of modern and classical art of Upper Manhattan, pulling a chocolate latte in the heart of Herald Square or become part of the pulse parties in the bustle of Times Square.

Most of the arrangements for the trip to New York can be a & # 39; united in the festive deal with international air travel, luxury hotel or butsikavym hotels, some food and a choice of excursions conducted independently. Live a luxury on his lap or go to the scene of a boutique hotel in New York. New York – a great way to spend a holiday in the most exciting city in the world.

Holidays in New York, a special twelve months of the year, but is always recommended to ensure the hotel for early booking, the location and the price to take into account your budget. Rooms for hotels in Upper Manhattan, as a rule, slightly higher than in Midtown and Lower Manhattan, so keep shops and save the choice of hotels in New York City. Public transport on city buses and subway trains provides a safe and easy transit to all the major interests that give international travelers the freedom and flexibility to find the best placement on the island of Manhattan.

If traveling to the Mayan ruins

John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Ketryvud

In the dark night in October 1839 a wealthy lawyer from New York, and the architect of England embarked on an adventure that they could not imagine. Lawyer John Lloyd Stephens made his wealth as a writer, profited from a trip to Europe on "health reasons." He acquired a "persistent streptococci in the throat," engaging in politics for Andrew Jackson. The doctor recommended a trip to Europe. While in Europe, he sent the article about the "case of traveling back to his friend in the American Monthly magazine, which were quite successful. The influx of immigrants to the United States flooded all the vehicles back, so Stevens continued his journey to Egypt, Arabia, the Holy Land, Petro, Turkey, Russia, Poland, and, indeed, England. He visited Jerusalem, met the English architect Frederick Ketryvuda, who is trying to make a living by drawing and sketching the ruins of Rome's architecture, the Holy Land. Holy Land Map drawn Ketryvud and was so impressed by it that he later looked at Ketryvud in England.

Back in New York Stevens folded his notes, "Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraeya and the Holy Land," published in 1837. It was a surprising success, and was followed by "travel incident in Greece, Turkey, Russia and Poland" Stevens set financially.

There are rumors of large cities in Central America, and Stevens enlisted his friend Ketryvudu, who moved to New York, to join him on a trip to Central America. Stevens described his friend as "… an experienced traveler and a personal friend who has spent more than ten years of his life in the diligent study of the antiquities of the Old World, and which, as one familiar with the remnants of the ancient architectural grandeur …"

While in Central America it was known only to the three archeological sites – Conan, Palenque and Uxmal. Nobody connects the city with a well-known culture, and the name "Maya" is little known. According to Victor Wolfgang von Hagen, who wrote the introduction to the reissue of Stephen book "Incidents of travel in the Yucatan," "The adoption of the indigenous" civilizations "asked the American lives in 1839. The complete reorientation; his Indian & # 39; was one of those barbarian half-naked inhabitants typi, coarse inhumane people who hunted animal reserve. "

Before from & # 39 porch of his old friend, now a US President Andrew Jackson appointed Ambassador Stevens in Central America. He accepted the post, hoping that it would help him to find the "lost civilizations". Again with von Hagen, "Put within the political and social chaos in Central America, they discovered that to find the lost city is much easier than finding the lost government."

So, in October 1839, John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Ketryvud sailed to Belize in significant journey that first convict the lost wonders of the Mayan civilization in America.

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